The Chocolate Touch

Written by Patrick Skene • Illustrated by Margot Apple

Reviewed by Kobe G. (age 7)

One day there was a little boy named John Midas. He found a coin that had his initials on it. He went to the candy store and bought a box of chocolates. He went to his house and hid the box under his bed. One day his friend Susan was having a party and she got a silver dollar. John asked if he could look at the coin. He bit the coin to see if it was real. Susan got mad when the coin was damaged and told John to go home. When John went home he took his tonic and he ate even more chocolate.

This story reminded me of delicious, scrumptious chocolate. It made me wish! I have never read a book about chocolate before. I've never read a chapter book either. I really liked how John got through his day. He had to make a lot of choices, just like I have to do everyday. This was a good adventure story. It would be fun to have an adventure like this.

I think kids between ages 7 and 10 should read this book because it was a good story and helps kids learn they shouldn?t be greedy!

Kobe G. is a student in Turtle Mountain Gifted and Talented Grades 2 and 3