The Magic School Bus: Space Explorers

Written by Eva Moore • Illustrated by Ted Enik

Reviewed by Charles D. (age 7)

Carlos has written a report about Mars. He brought a little robot in but Ralphie thought Mars was gree. So off they went in the Magic School Bus into space to see Mars. Carlos' robot, Rocco got lost and was everywhere. Is Mars green or red? Will they save rocco? You will have to read this book to find out.

This book is great. Bruce Degan drew the best pictures to show the planets in space. Joanna Cole used very descriptive words to explain what the characters or doing and what is happening in space.

I recommend this book to all kids who want to learn more about space, If you like other Joanna Cole books you will want to try this one too.

Charles D. is a student in Ingrid ODonoghue's 2nd Grade Class