Dolphins at Daybreak

Written by Mary Pope Osborn

Reviewed by Lizvette P. (age 9)

The characters are Jack and Annie. Jack is 8 years old and Annie is 7 years old. It takes place inside an ocean with sharks and dolphins. The problem is when they get on the mini-sub Jack told Annie not to touch anything in the mini-sub but Annie didn't listen to Jack and she touched a button. The mini-sub was moving in the ocean when a big sound came and it was a jellyfish. It cracked the top of the mini-sub and water started dripping into the mini-sub. Will they get out of the mini-sub in time? Read the book Dolphins at Daybreak to find out.

I think the book was great because it had good details and they had a lot of action. Also both Annie and Jack are really brave characters. My favorite part was when they swam with the dolphins and they saw a real dinosaur. That was really neat. The two characters that were interesting were Annie and Jack because they are really smart.

I would recommend this book because it has a lot of action, good details and good characters. If you are age 7-10 you will love this book especially. The Magic Treehouse is the best book ever.

Lizvette P. is a student in Mrs. Bayliss' 3rd Grade Class