Bunnicula and Friends: The Vampire Bunny

Written by James Howe
Illustrated by Jeff Mack

Reviewed by Jayda N. (age 8)

The main characters are Bunnicula the bunny, Harold the dog, and Chester the cat. The people found Bunnicula at a movie theater. The problem in the story is somebody is starving Bunnicula! If you want to find out who is starving Bunnicula, check out the book.

My favorite part is when they find Bunnicula at a movie theater because it starts getting fun and interesting. My favorite character is Bunnicula because he is the most interesting character. He is a vampire bunny. The character I'm most like in this story is Bunnicula because he doesn't like to go places and he sleeps during the day.

I think that kids in first to third grade would like to read this book. Boys and girls would like it. Also I recommend this book because it is fun to read. It is a funny and mysterious book.

Jayda N. is a student in Mrs. Bayliss' 3rd Grade Class