Tell Me How Ships Float

Written by Shirley Willis • Illustrated by Shirley Willis

Reviewed by Christian R. (age 8) and Andy K. (age 7)

Do you want to know all about things that float and things that sink? This book is about all kinds of things that float and sink. It will knock your socks off! We like the way this book is set up with questions and answers and it has experiments.

This book has a question at the top of the page, but not an answer. There are answers at the bottom of the page. There are lots of examples for what the topic is. There are pictures for what the topic is, for example, if you?re looking at the page ?Do Icebergs Sink or Float?? you?ll see the picture of the iceberg and the caption.

When we read this book, we skipped around from picture to picture by looking at which ones we were interested in. We looked at the index so we can know which pages to choose to go to. When we didn?t know what a word means we looked at the glossary.

We read the whole book two or three times. (It?s kind of short.) On the second time we were reading it we understood most of it.

Because we like this book maybe you will too but maybe not. If you want to know why a soccer ball floats but a stone does not float, check out the fun facts in Whiz Kids Tell Me How Ships Float.

A person who likes nonfiction books would probably like this book because you get kind of curious and get thoughts about the book.

Christian R. and Andy K. are students in Mrs. Mayer's 2nd Grade Class