Curious George and the Dinosaur

Written by Margaret and H.A. Rey

Reviewed by Hector M. (age 6)

First Curious George goes to the museum for a field trip. Curious George was bored of the museum and went off to the other room. Then he spotted a long neck dinosaur. George climbed to the top of the dinosaur. Then at the end of the story Curious George helped Mr. Chauncy to get the class interested in dinosaurs.

I liked when Curious George climbed on the dinosaur because it was funny. My favorite part was when George got the class interested in dinosaurs because I like dinosaurs. This story reminded me of when I went on a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

I think my friends would like this book because it is funny.

Hector M. is a student in Mrs. Matsuno's 1st Grade Class