There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

Written by Simms Taback • Illustrated by Simms Taback

Reviewed by Baylee C. (age 6)

In this book, there was on old lady. She swallowed many strange things like a fly, spider, and a bird. If you want to find out what else she swallowed and what happens to her at the end, read the book.

I like this story because it is funny. The old lady swallows many things and then she dies. The pictures are nice because they are very colorful. This book reminds me of the movie Little Foot because it has animals in it too.

I recommend this book to children because it is funny when the old lady swallows so many things. I enjoyed reading this book.

Baylee C. is a student in Mrs. Kuebler's 1st Grade Class