The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales

Written by Jon Scieszka • Illustrated by Lane Smith

Reviewed by Ray A. (age 10)

The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales illustration will appear here.

This book has many funny stories, and they are crazy. The stories are funny versions of fairy tales. My favorite story is "The Very Ugly Duckling." He is very ugly. I also like "The Stinky Cheese Man." He smells a lot, and nobody wants to chase him.

I like the book because it is completely stupid and funny. It makes me laugh. Nobody chases the Stinky Cheese Man and he stills runs away.

I also like the characters because they look funny. I like the Ugly Duckling because he has a red eyeball and a tongue hanging out of his mouth. Also, the characters do a lot of stupid things like the title of the book says. Little Red Running Shorts and the wolf jump off the page!

The pictures are really weird. One picture has a bunch of little pictures. They go together to make a giant who looks like Frankenstein.

I recommend this book to 2nd graders through college age students. Everyone should read it because it is so funny.

Ray A. is a student in Mrs. Mooring's Kindergarten through 6th Grade Class