The Nancy Drew Notebooks: Candy is Dandy

Written by Carolyn Keene • Illustrated by Jan Naimo Jones

Reviewed by Shelby D. (age 8)

One day Mrs. Spencer's class took a field trip to a candy factory. They got there and discovered that the recipe for the newest candy was missing. There were lots of suspects, and Nancy, George, and Bess talked to them to figure out if anyone stole the recipe. But nobody did! Where could it be?

I like the book Nancy Drew Notebook: Candy is Dandy because it is a mystery and I like mysteries. My favorite character was Nancy because she is a good detective. The things she did to solve the mystery made sense to me. My favorite part was when the mystery was solved because Mr. Zuckerman got his recipe back, and everything turned out okay.

I would recommend the book Nancy Drew Notebook: Candy is Dandy to my friend Kate Russell S. because I think seven- to ten-year-old girls would like it, and she is eight. Also, the book is very girly and Kate Russell S. likes stuff like that. She would like the part where the mystery was solved because it has a happy ending.

Shelby D. is a student in Mrs. G.'s 2nd Grade Class