The Hardy Boys-The Tower Treasure #1

Written by Franklin Dixon • Illustrated by Franklin Dixon

Reviewed by Harrison M. (age 8)

This story is about two boys named Frank and Joe Hardy. Their father, Fenton Hardy, was a famous detective. Frank and Joe's friend Chet Morton lost his jalopy. When the boys found Chet's jalopy they found out that Tower Mansion had been robbed. They figured out that Red Jackley robbed Tower Mansion to find some jewels. He hid them in a place that was hard to find, but Frank and Joe finally figured out the mystery.

I think this book was good because I like mysteries and it's a mystery book. My favorite part was when they tricked Oscar Smuff because he was really scared. The illustrations were good to me - they were black and white. This book isn't like another book I've read because it's not like robbery mystery. It's a different kind of mystery. I felt good reading this book because it made me wonder where the jewels were.

I recommend this book to second graders and up because I think it might be a little hard for first graders. I think people who like mysteries would like this book. I think people would be interested in the part where Frank and Joe went into the old tower because there's a lot of adventure in that part.

Harrison M. is a student in Mrs. G.'s 2nd Grade Class