The Crippled Lamb

Written by Madeline L'Engle • Illustrated by Liz Bonham

Reviewed by Ms. Wells' Kindergarten and 1st Grade Class

The Crippled Lamb illustration will appear here.

This story tells about a crippled lamb named Joshua. He is a sad lamb because he is different and he cannot go with the other lambs to the valley. A shepherd told him to wait in the stable with his friend a cow, named Abbigail. While he was sleeping, he heard a strange sound in the stable. When he opened his eyes he saw a baby and his mother. The baby's name was Jesus.

The beginning of the story made us feel sad, but we felt happy at the end. We liked the pictures because it looks like pastels and paints mixed together. Our favorite character was Abbigail the cow because she was nice to the lamb.

We think you should read this story because it tells of baby Jesus being born. It lets us know that it is good to be different and God has a special place for us. We want everyone to know that God loves them.

Ms. Wells' Kindergarten through 1st Grade Class