Soccer Sam

Written by Jean Marzolla • Illustrated by Blanche Sims

Reviewed by David C. (age 7) and Patrick D. (age 7)

In the beginning of the story Sam was going to meet his cousin Marco for the first time, who came from Mexico . At school Marco does not know how to play kickball, basketball and football right. He does know one sport. Soccer! Marco teaches his second grade friends how to play soccer. Read this book to find out if they can beat the third graders.

We like this book because we like soccer and other sports. We like the pictures because they are colorful and the pictures look like they are really moving. We like the author?s writing. We thought the book was outstanding.

We think people who like sports should read this book. All ages would enjoy it.

David C. and Patrick D. are students in Ms. Salmon's 2nd Grade Class