The Pet That I Want

Written by Mary Packard • Illustrated by John Magine

Reviewed by Azubair D. (age 6)

This is about a boy who wants a pet. He goes to a pet store and looks at all of the pets that are there. He doesn't want a pet who has fur. He doesn't want a pet that likes to cuddle. He doesn't want a pet that purrs. He doesn't want a pet that tweets. He does not want a pet that carries a shell on its back. He does not want a pet that has funny feet. And his pet will not fit through a door. What kind of a pet do you think he wants? Read this book and you will find out! You will be very surprised!

I liked the pictures of all of the animals. The ducks was my favorite part of the story because they are babies and they are sweet.

I wondered what kind of animal he was going to choose for a pet. I was very surprised!

The pictures in this book looked very real. I think the pictures were illustrated with markers.

I recommend this book for 1st graders who like animals. I like animals and I really liked this book. This is a good book for a person who has a pet, too.

Azubair D. is a student in Mrs. Edwards' 1st Grade Class