Caps For Sale

Written by • Illustrated by michelle fiddler

Reviewed by Anshul P. (age 6)

"Caps, Caps, Caps For Sale!" calls the peddler. He carries his caps on his head. The first cap he has on is his. The other caps are for sale. He has gray, brown, blue, and red caps. The peddler sells his caps for fifty cents each. He walks through the town asking people to buy his caps. He can't sell any caps, so he takes a walk to the country. The peddler sees a big tree and sits under it. But he falls asleep and he sleeps for a long time. When he wakes up, he checks the caps on his head. They are gone! He looks to the right, then to the left, then to the back, and last behind him. Finally he looks up and what do you think he sees? Monkeys! And each monkey has a cap on its head! The peddler doesn't know what to do. So you should read this book to see how the peddler gets his caps back. You might be surprised!

What I liked about this book was the way the monkeys acted when the peddler told them to give him back his caps. I liked the way the monkeys copied everything the peddler did.

I think the peddler was an interesting character because he never gave up trying to sell his caps. If he didn't sell a cap, he just rested and tried again later.

I felt happy as I read this book. What the peddler and the monkeys did made me laugh. They were funny because of the way they acted and sounded.

I think this story will be enjoyed by 1st and 2nd graders who like to laugh while they are reading. It is funny when the monkeys talk back to the peddler and he gets so mad.

Anshul P. is a student in Mrs. Edwards' 1st Grade Class