Imogene's Antlers

Written by David Small • Illustrated by David Small

Reviewed by Samantha T. (age 6)

This book is about a little girl who had antlers on her head. It was hard having antlers on her head because she couldn't get through the door. It was hard getting dressed and she got stuck on the lamp. Her mom fainted when she saw her because she was so surprised she had antlers. Imogene liked having antlers because she was having fun with it.

I like this book because Imogene looks funny with her antlers. I like the illustrations because the colors are pretty. I think the artist draws really good. I think this book is special because there's no other book with a girl who has antlers.

I recommend other kids read this book because they might think the same as me. I think little kids would like this the best because it's a funny book for little kids.

Samantha T. is a student in Ms. Valdez's Kindergarten Class