Written by Betsy Byars
Illustrated by Doron Ben-Ami

Reviewed by Summer K (age 9)

The sky was dark. A twister was coming! Everyone ran for the storm cellar. Ma was calling Dad to come. He was in the cornfield. Pete, the farm hand, said, "Just get in the cellar. Link will duck in a ditch". We were all in the cellar and we were worried about Dad. Pete told a story to keep us from getting too worried. He told about a dog named Tornado. Tornado was named Tornado because he was found after a real tornado. He was an unusual dog. He could do a card trick. Pete entertains us the whole time telling us about Tornado and Five-thirty. Five-thirty was a cat named by his sister. To find out about Pete's stories and if Dad was safe in the storm, read the book TORNADO. My favorite part was when Tornado won a card game with Pete. Tornado was a very smart dog to have won. I enjoyed it because the dog was smarter than Pete.

I found Tornado and Five-thirty interesting characters. They were two animals that acted like they were humans.

I liked this book because I love animals. We have lots of animals on our farm. Like Tornado and Five-thirty, they can do amazing things also. My dogs can't pick out the 3 hearts, but I love them any way.

This book made me wonder about, how a dog could really do a card trick? I guess we'll never know. Will we?

I would recommend this book to 2nd graders and up. It is a great book for someone who likes dog stories.

Summer K is a student in Sr. Janet's 4th Grade Class