Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid

Written by Megan McDonald

Reviewed by NL (age 8)

Stink the Incredible Shrinking Kid is out of control! In the beginning of the story, Stink says he'll never get taller. He always begs his sister Judy to measure him every night. In the middle of the story, Stink runs into the school nurse in the hallway at school. Then the nurse told him that he sounded upset. "I'm getting shorter and I want to get taller!" he said. She told Stink not to worry because everyone shrinks during the day. Stink thanked Mrs.Bell. Will Stink ever get over being short? You can find out if you read the book!

My favorite part of the story was when Stink's hair turned orange. His hair was orange because his sister Judy said it would make him look taller. She said she would take it off in a week or so. Instead of Stink looking taller, he looked like an orange. "Oops! My bad!" When Stink went to school, everybody asked Stink why his hair was orange. I wondered if Stink would get that orange stuff out of his hair. Also, I wanted to know if his friends would stop asking him why his hair is orange.

This book is very unique because everyone plays a spectacular roll. I'll start with Stink. Stink plays a bunch of rolls. One is when he has to deal with all of the kids at school when they keep on asking why his hair is orange. Also stink has to keep his cool when Judy drops his class pet and it goes down the drain. It's time to tell you about Judy's roll. Judy's roll in the story is to be very harsh on her little brother Stink. She is hard on Stink when Stink's class pet goes down the drain. Another part is when Judy says, "Are you going to paint your face red, white and blue again for Presidents' Day?" She was really trying to make fun of him for doing that last year. These two characters make this book awesome.

I recommend this book to kids who get upset about how tall they are. I recommend this book for that reason because I don?t want kids having the problem I did with my height. From my point of view, I learned a lot about not being stressed about your size. So please read this book! Oh, and you won't be stressed about your size anymore!

NL is a student in Ms. Forte's 3rd Grade Class