The Snow Bear

Written by Liliana Stafford
Illustrated by Lambert Davis

Reviewed by Morgan S. (age 9)

This book is about Snow Bear. She is a bear who comes into town in autumn. She is hungry and finds food at the dump. The town is no place for Snow Bear. The people of town lock her up because she keeps coming back. Bruun, a young boy from town, wants to help her so he begins to bring her fish. When she is released from jail Bruun helps her leave town. A blizzard covers Bruun's tracks in the snow and he cannot find his way home. Winter has arrived and Bruun must find a way to survive until spring.

I enjoyed reading this book because I felt my emotions changing with the story. Sometimes I felt sad, like when Snow Bear gets locked up in jail or when Bruun cannot find his way home. Other times I felt happy, luke when Bruun brought Snow Bear some fish to eat. The pictures are great, especially when the blizzard blows in. It looks like it is really happening!

I recommend this book for just about any age, but especially for kids my age. The boy in the story, Bruun, is about the same age as me and he is courageous. He inspires me to have courage when I don't always see the path ahead. This is a great book about true friendship!

Morgan S. is a student in Mrs. Calkin's 3rd Grade Class