The Time Warp Trio Knights of the Kitchen Table

Written by Jon Scieszka
Illustrated by Lane Smith

Reviewed by Kylie S (age 9)

It all started with a birthday and a book. Joe received a special, magical book from his Uncle. The book had powers that allowed Joe, Fred and Sam to travel back in time. They met a black knight who was angry, but I don't know what he was angry about. He chased them around and tried to kill them, but they whipped him. After that, they meet three good knights and they travel with them to meet King Arthur and Merlin. Read this book to find out more about their adventures.

I really liked this book because it is full of adventure and I like adventure. I like how Joe, Fred and Sam meet characters from the past. I would like to have an adventure like that. I also like the illustrations in the book. They are very funny - even a little gross. Merlin is a funny character and he's even a little grumpy too. He reminds me of me when he is grumpy because I can be that way too. (I don't think my mom is too happy about that.) I think Merlin just might be my favorite character because of the way he makes fun of "Joe the Magnificent".

I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure and history. I think kids of all ages would like this book, either to read for themselves, or to have it read to them. I think that if you like adventure, you should read this book.

Kylie S is a student in Mrs. Calkin's 3rd Grade Class