Two Times the Fun

Written by Beverly Cleary
Illustrated by Carol Thompson

Reviewed by Sheridan P. (age 9)

Two Times the Fun is about two really young twins, a boy named Jimmy and a girl named Jent. They complain all the time. They argued once about which dogs to give two dog treats to. They just couldn't decide, and that was funny. Once, they were really excited to get their new red rain boots, but it never rained. Finally, their dad let them wear them while he sprayed the hose on them. Another time, Jimmy tries to dig the world's biggest hole, and he has some funny problems along the way.

I wanted to review this book because it was really funny to read. My favorite chapter was Growing up Feet. In that chapter, they fussed and fussed. I liked the part when they went to the shoe store. When I read that part, I got excited. My favorite character is Jent. She reminds me a lot of me. I like the way she thinks. She likes to pretend like I do.

I recommend this book for beginning chapter book readers because it is easy to read. It is a happy book with nothing bad in it besides a little bit of arguing between the twins. I think anyone with brothers or sisters could relate to it.

Sheridan P. is a student in Mrs. Calkin's 3rd Grade Class