Geronimo Stilton: All Because of a Cup of Coffee

Written by Geronimo Stilton
Illustrated by Larry Keys

Reviewed by Christopher H. (age 9)

All Because of a Cup of Coffee is a great book. It is a book about Geronimo Stilton, a mouse who loves adventures. He falls in love with a mouse called Stephanie. She is a rich mouse. He called her every night until one night when he saw her in a car with another mouse. So Geronimo's sister and cousin, Benjamin, came to cheer him up. That didn't work, so they left on a trip to a secret island. While they are there they find a cave and go in it. Benjamin finds a hole and climbs through it, and leaves Geronimo in the dark cave alone and afraid. What does Benjamin find in that hole? Will Geronimo ever be happy again? Find out by reading this book.

I like this book because it is funny. One funny part is when Geronimo spills his coffee on his jacket, and he gets really mad until he turns around and sees Stephanie and falls madly in love with her at first sight. My favorite character is definitely Geronimo because he is the character that everything always happens to. This book is part is of a series of other Geronimo Stilton Adventures. These books do not need to be read in any order, and there are a lot of them.

I recommend this book to kids who like animal stories and adventures. I also think it's good because it has great pictures, and the words are sometimes wiggly or in color, or repeated in a visual pattern. I think kids of all ages would really like it.

Christopher H. is a student in Mrs. Calkin's 3rd Grade Class