The Search for the Missing Bones

Written by Eva Moore

Reviewed by Waylon C. (age 9)

It is the day before Halloween in Miss Frizzle's class. Everyone in the class gets a skeleton costume to wear. But each costume is missing one or two bones. They go to the costume factory to find missing bones. When they go, they get scared by living skeletons. Sometimes they pop out of nowhere, glowing in the dark. They search through boxes and find their missing bones. While they spend their time searching for their bones, the class also has to solve the mystery of the glow in the dark skeletons.

I like this book because it is fun to read. I think it is really funny right from the start because they all have missing bones on their costumes. My favorite character is Arnold because he gets scared when they go to the costume factory. He thinks that the skeletons are really alive. My favorite part of the book is when the glowing skeletons reveal themselves as just plain old people working in the factory.

I learned a lot about the human skeleton from this book and I recommend it for anyone who wants to learn about the skeleton. People who like other Magic School Bus books, and people who like reading mysteries would also like to read this book. This book is good for kids ages seven to nine. It is a nice, easy-to-read chapter book.

Waylon C. is a student in Mrs. Calkin's 3rd Grade Class