Summer of the Sea Serpent

Written by Mary Pope Osborne • Illustrated by Mary Pope Osborne

Reviewed by Avery R. (age 8)

In this story Jack and Annie go to a place where they turn into seals. They have to find a word that answers the question of the sword so that the king of Camelot will not meet his doom. They go to a place where there is a giant spider. Somehow Jack and Annie escape. Then they begin to follow the words to a poem that Jack had in his pocket. The poem helps them find the word they are looking for. I think this was a wonderful book because it was very mysterious at the beginning and the mystery went through the whole book. It also has seals in it and I love seals! I really just like any type of animal. What's special about the book is that people turn into seals. This book made me wonder about what happened to the sea serpent after Jack and Annie answered the question and the sea serpent sank. I would recommend this book to Ben C. because he likes reptiles. He used to have a fishy kind of thing that he called his dinosaur. I think anyone who likes reptiles will like this book, too. They would like the pictures and the information.
Avery R. is a student in Mrs. G.'s 2nd Grade Class