Downhill BMX

Written by Sarah SChuette • Illustrated by None

Reviewed by Chandler H. (age 8)

This book is about downhill BMX bikes. It has a lot of details and a lot of pictures in it. It tells you about what is on a BMX bike, and it shows the bike looks like. The book also tells a lot about BMX bike races, like how they start the race and the equipment the riders wear. Some of the pictures show real bike races. I like this story because I like bikes a lot. My favorite part of this story is where it shows you what's on the bikes because I like to learn different things. This story reminds me of when I got a bike for Christmas. That was a happy time. This book made me feel excited because it made me think about the good times I use to have on my bike. I think both boys and girls would like the book because some girls ride bikes just like boys. I think the parts of the story that some body might like is when they show what's on a bike and when it shows a real race .I think my friend Curtis would like this book . I think he would like it because we like some of the same things .
Chandler H. is a student in Mrs. G.'s 2nd Grade Class