The Call of the Wild

Written by Jack London

Reviewed by N.P. (age 9)

The Call of the Wild is a good book! Buck the dog, is kidnapped. He is so worried and scared. He doesn't know what to do. Nobody knows what to do. Buck can't get out. So then, he is sold as a sled dog in a severly cold northern territory. Buck struggles for his life as he fights fiercely for the bare necessities. When Buck fought fiercely he was brave and not nervous. But when Buck hears the wolves, he is wondering what is going to happen. Now it is Bucks time to answer the Call of the Wild. Do you think Buck will defeat the Wolves?

I enjoyed reading this book! The first reason I enjoyed reading this book was because Buck acts cool and he is funny. Buck does a flip when he fights fiercely. I think Buck is funny because he laughs a lot and he is always so curious. The second reason I enjoyed reading this book is because it taught me a good lesson. The lesson was you should never hit or fight. That's bad. The third reason I enjoyed reading this book is because Buck wasn't only a dog, he was a wolf dog. I thought it was cool because I never heard anything such as a wolf dog. I enjoyed reading this book because I had a favorite character, it taught me a good lesson and I thought something was cool.

I recommend this book to people who like adventures. Buck travels to different places. Buck travels in a cold northern territory by walking. Buck saw many animals such as wolf dogs, dogs, and birds. He saw cool things. Buck saw a sled dog, wolves and a lot of cool plants. Read my book if you like adventures!

N.P. is a student in Mrs. Zanga's 3rd Grade Class