The Three Pigs

Written by David Wiesner • Illustrated by David Wiesner

Reviewed by Douglas F. (age 8)

In this version of The Three Little Pigs, the three pigs go in and out of other stories. There are two new characters who have not been in any of the three pigs stories before. One is from a nursery rhyme and one is from an ancient tale.

When I read a book, or when my Mom reads a book to me, I get lost in the pages and my mind floats away. The characters in this book are lost in the pages. The pictures are colorful. They are realistic when the three pigs come out of the story, but like a cartoon when they are in the storybook. My favorite page is when the pigs are confronting the wolf and the character from the ancient tale knocks over the words. They catch the letters and make alphabet soup!

The five live happily ever after when they are finished causing havoc. I recommend this book to first graders, kindergarten, and people who like fairy tales.

Douglas F. is a student in Mrs. Gibbs' 2nd Grade Class