The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Written by Beatrix Potter • Illustrated by David McPhail

Reviewed by Adam W. (age 8)

The rabbits went to get berries for supper, but Peter Rabbit went under the gate to Mr. McGregor?s garden. Peter ate radishes, lettuces, and French beans. He got sick, so he was looking for some parsley. Then Mr. McGregor saw Peter Rabbit!

?Scr-r-ritch, scratch? is exciting to me, but scary for Peter Rabbit. It tells him Mr.McGregor is somewhere in the garden. When Peter hid in the watering can he was really scared. I feel sad because Peter sneezed in the watering can, so Mr.McGregor chased him out of the window. The pictures are realistic. The color in the book is awesome! Even the plants look real. I like how Beatrix Potter drew the rabbits.

This is a good book for little kids. It's also good for reading as a bedtime story. I think Beatrix Potter did a really good job on this fantastic book!

Adam W. is a student in Mrs. Gibbs' 2nd Grade Class