The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body

Written by Joanna Cole • Illustrated by Bruce Degen

Reviewed by Danny M. (age 7)

This book is about characters, Ralphie, Dorothy Anne, Ms. Frizzle, Liz and Carlos. It takes place inside Ralphie?s body and classroom.

In the beginning Ralphie got sick.Then, Ms. Frizzle?s class got on the magic school bus. The magic school bus got very small and went into Ralphie?s body. They saw the bacteria that was making him sick. At the end, they saw the white blood cells fight the sickness in Ralphie?s body. Then they got on the magic school bus and went back to school and got ready to go home.

I enjoyed this book because it showed how the white blood cells attacked the bacteria. It is fun to read about stuff in your own body. My favorite part was when Ralphie sneezed them out. I like learning in the Magic School Bus books.

I would recommend this book to my parents and people of all ages because it is interesting and it shows people how they can stop getting sick.

Danny M. is a student in Mrs. Callan's 2nd Grade Class