Grammy &Sammy

Written by Lisa Pasen
Illustrated by Lisa Pasen

Reviewed by Angelica A. (age 10)

Grandma came to live with the little girl. The girl had a cat named Sammy. Grammy sat in Sammy?s chair and he didn?t like it. Grammy said he was filthy.

I liked the book because Grammy didn?t like Sammy. I liked it when Sammy jumped on Grammy?s head and her hair fell off. The pictures were colorful and they had different details inside. This book isn?t like any other book I read because it is funny. I never read a book that a Grammy fights with a cat. I felt like laughing because I didn?t think she wore a wig. It made me think about animals. I think everybody should read it because the characters are funny and it will make you laugh.

Angelica A. is a member in University Settlement's League for Child Care (2000-2001)