Judy and the Volcano

Written by Wayne Harris • Illustrated by Wayne Harris

Reviewed by Julia V. (age 7)

This story is about two little girls that get into detention. Judy's teacher Mrs. Be-The-Best-You-Can told them to write a story in detention. Judy tries to think of a story but she can?t come up with one. She finally starts to write and pretends that she is in a terrible storm. After that she pretends that her teacher turns into an iguana. At the end, detention is over and their teacher tells them to read their stories to the class. Judy got a big star!

I recommend this story because it is really funny. I think kids should use this book because the kids really use their imaginations. My favorite part is when Judy is flying in the terrible storm. I think a lot of second graders will like this book.

Julia V. is a student in Mrs. Wicketts' 2nd Grade Class