Tonight on the Titanic

Written by Mary Pope Osborne
Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by GR (age 8)

Tonight on the Titanic was so exciting! In the beginning of the story, it was raining really hard. Then, Jack and Annie woke up. They climbed into the tree house. Oh no! The tree house brings them back to the decks of the Titanic. Jack and Annie discover that the Titanic will sink at 2:20 am. They try to warn the others on the ship, but they don't believe them. After, Jack and Annie go to a door of a room where two kids are named William and Lucy. "You have to get out of here," cried Annie. "The Titanic is going to sink!" shouted Jack. Will they get home? Will Jack and Annie be able to save anyone? Will they be able to save themselves?

My favorite part of the book was when the Titanic was sinking. It was exciting because I didn't know what would happen next. This part was very entertaining. Most of all, this part was adventurous! Reading it made me feel like I was really on the adventure with Jack and Annie. I also felt a little scared because water was coming onto the ship. The water got higher and higher each second. I wondered if Jack and Annie would survive the water.

Jack is an interesting character. Jack reminds me of myself because he is smart, loves to read, and has millions of books just like me. He is 8 years old and so am I. Jack is in 3rd grade. In every Magic Tree House book, Jack always reads books. Jack is very protective. Annie just runs off and plays with animals. Jack is my favorite character.

I enjoyed this book because there are lots of problems and solutions. The story made me feel like it was happening right in front of me. There were a lot of exciting parts, like when the Titanic was sinking. This part made me worry. It made me wonder if Jack and Annie would ever get home. Another great part was when Jack and Annie were warning the people, and the water was chasing them. I wondered if they would find a safe place away from the water. All of these problems made me want to read more of the book.

I recommend Tonight on the Titanic to readers who want to have a BLAST learning about the Titanic. This book is sad, exciting, and most of all adventurous! The book also gives AWESOME facts about the Titanic! You should read this book because it's COOL!

GR is a student in Ms. Forte's 3rd Grade Class