Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

Written by Roald Dahl • Illustrated by Joseph Schindlman

Reviewed by Kristen R. (age 7)

Charlie, Mr. Wonka and everyone else go into space by riding in the Glass Elevator. They go to the Space Hotel where they find aliens named Knids. The Knids spell out the word SCRAM. Everyone gets scared and they run back to the Glass Elevator. The Knids attack the Glass Elevator, but it is Knid-proof. The Knids get black and blue bruises and disappear.

Charlie, Mr. Wonka and everyone else return to the Chocolate Factory. Grandpa George, Grandma Georgina, Grandma Josephine, and Grandpa Joe take a lot of Wonka-Vite and it makes them 80 years younger. Everyone turns two, except for Grandma Georgina, she turns into minus. Charlie and Mr. Wonka get her out of minus land and everyone is happy.

My favorite part is when Grandma Georgina turns into minus, it is very funny. My favorite character is Charlie; he is kind, funny, and nice. Like Charlie, I am funny also. The pictures in this book do help to tell the story.

I think people should read this book because it is really funny.

Kristen R. is a student in Mrs. Merha's 2nd Grade Class