I Can Read About Sharks

Written by C. J. Naden • Illustrated by Herb Mott

Reviewed by Daniel G. (age 7)

This is a book about sharks that eat almost anything: small fish, big fish, people, and even boats. They eat live or dead sea animals. Their sharp senses plus swimming speed make them very good hunters and dangerous killers. The jaw of the white shark is so strong that they can bite a person in half. Sharks skin feel like sandpaper.

I like this book because the information is easy to understand. The illustrations are very sharp. You can almost touch the sharks.

The scariest part of the book was when the white shark attacked the diver.

I recommend this book to other kids because it has a lot of information about different kinds of sharks. I learnt a lot about how sharks behave. It is also very scary.

Daniel G. is a student in Mrs. Nyarko's 2nd Grade Class