There's No Place Like Space

Written by Tish Rave • Illustrated by Artistides Ruiz

Reviewed by Joyce and Taylor (age 6)

This book is about the moon and planets in our solar system. It is written in rhymes, and gives facts about each planet. Venus is really hot. Earth spins on it's axis. Pluto is really cold. What planet do you want to learn about?

I like the pictures because the Cat in the Hat is on every page with the planets. My favorite picture is when Pluto is covered with frost and the Cat in the Hat is shivering. The story reminds me of the Cat in the Hat story because it has the same children and Thing One and Thing Two. They learn about the planets in this book, not destroy the house, though! I like that all of the pages rhyme, like Dr. Seuss books.

I recommend this book to my class because the Cat in the Hat is funny and we will study about the planets in my class. I think all first graders will like this book because they can read it by themselves or just with a little help.

Joyce and Taylor is a student in Mrs. Shearer's and Mrs. MacMurdo's 1st and 4th Grades