Poppy and Rye

Written by Avi
Illustrated by Brian Floca

Reviewed by Linda S (age 9)

The book is about Poppy the mouse, Ereth the porcupine and Rye the mouse. Poppy and Ereth are going to Poppy's dead fiancÚ's home, but meet one of the main characters, Rye, on the way. Instead of talking to each other, they just dance together and soon have to go. Meanwhile, at Rye's house, near "The Brook", beavers are building a dam and soon the mouse family has to leave. Since the family doesn't know Ragweed (the dead fiancÚ) is dead, they rejoice in Poppy's telling them he has news about Ragweed, thinking she is alive. Then he tells the devastating truth. There's still the beaver problem, though - Read the book to find out how the story ends.

My favorite parts are when Ereth says things like "bee's bottom" or "mouse mush" because it's kind of strange. I wonder why the book put Ereth in instead of another mouse. Maybe it is because Ereth is more funny and unusual instead of another mouse. I think the book was very exciting and funny because I could not wait for the next part.

I'd recommend Poppy and Rye to people who like humor, adventure and suspense stories.

Linda S is a student in Mrs. Collins' 3rd Grade Class