Lion King

Written by Walt Disney • Illustrated by Disney

Reviewed by Irzam M. (age 7)

The Lion King named Mufasa and his queen Saribi and his son Simba lived in the jungle. They enjoyed living together with some other animals. A wise old baboon named Rafiki promised to take care of Simba. The other animals were happy when little Simba was born. The mean lion, Scar, tried to hurt Simba, but Simba grew up to be the new Lion King.

My least favorite part of this story is when Scar leads Mufasa down the deep gorge hill because I don't like it when Mufasa falls. My favorite character in this book is Mufasa because he is a great king. My least favorite character is Scar because he is a bad guy. This story relates to my life because once when I was little and living in Pakistan there were a lot of people in our joint family. I really liked the pictures in this book and they helped me to understand the story.

I think others should read The Lion King because it is a great book. There is a lot of action in it.

Irzam M. is a student in Mrs. Okamura's 2nd Grade Class