Pippi Longstocking

Written by Astrid Lindgren • Illustrated by Louis S. Glanzman

Reviewed by Samantha E. (age 7)

Pippi lost her mother when she was a baby. At a very young age she sailed with her father on the ocean, but he was blown overboard in a storm and disappeared. Pippi moved to Villa Villekulla with her monkey named Mr. Nilsson and a horse. She was a very strong and independent young girl and did things on her own. Next to the Villa was a house where a family lived. Pippi met Annika and Tommy. She invited them to her house, cooked for them and ate with them. That was the start of a good friendship.

My favorite part of the story is when Pippi met Tommy and Annika because they became friends. My favorite character is Pippi because she is strong. My least favorite character is the horse because it is not a human. This story relates to my life because I met new friends too. I also like the pictures in this book because they help to tell the story.

I think you should read this story because it shows young kids how to be strong and brave. It also is very funny and will make you laugh.

Samantha E. is a student in Mrs. Okamura's 2nd Grade Class