Captain Underpants

Written by Dave Pilkey

Reviewed by Carlos S (age 10)

Captain Underpants illustration will appear here.

The book I read is called the Adventures of Captain Underpants. The four main characters are Captain Underpants, Harold, George and Mr. Krupp. The setting is in a warehouse that is brown and filled with stuff. This story is about two boys called Harold and George who hypnotize Mr. Krupp, the principal, but don't know how to unhypnotize him and he turns into Captian Underpants every time he hears a snap. Mr. Krupp is so mean. He hated all of the boys comic books and hated the sound of children playing outside. Mr. Krupp takes off all his clothes except for his underwear and jumps out the window to fight crime. Mr Krupp is Captain Underpants. People laugh at him because he was in his underwear. So, the bad guy, Dr. Diaper got him and took him to the warehouse. Dr. Diaper and the robots were trying to take over the world. After that, Dr. Diaper gets tied up by Captain Underapants because he needs to be arrested. Harold and George try to unhypnotize Mr. Krupp but they can't. Harold and George look for an intruction manual but they couldn't find it so they tried to pour water on him with a water flower that squirts. It worked he was unhypnotized but then someone snapped. The boys said,"Here we go again . . ."

My favorite part of the book is when Captian Underpants beats up Dr. Diaper and and ties him to a poll. He looked very funny. I like this book because it is hilarious because the boys do funny things like changing sign. This boks reminds me of Mr. Kirk, My old principal, because Mr. Krupp is very mean to George and Harold and Mr. Kirk is very nice to people. They are opposites.

I would recommend this book because it is funny because they change things like pick some roses then they change it to pick our noses.

Carlos S is a student in Ms. da Silva's 4th Grade through 5th Grade Class