Clifford's Sports Day

Written by Norman Bridwell • Illustrated by Norman Bridwell

Reviewed by Ms. Grimes' 2nd Grade Class

Clifford went to sports day. First, Clifford wanted to try the sack game. The coach found one sack for Clifford. Next, Clifford played the three-legged race. Then Clifford saw some kids jumping over the hurdles and Clifford wanted to try it. A boy pitched the ball and bounced it into the street. Then Clifford ran after the ball. But Clifford did not catch the ball. He caught soemthing else.

My favorite part was when Clifford played the three legged race. I thought Clifford was also good at tumbling. I like sports too. The author showed us that even if Clifford did a bad thing he could make it better.

If you like sports you will like reading this book. Clifford is also fun to read.

Ms. Grimes' 2nd Grade Class