Sweet Valley Twins: Center of Attention

Written by Francine Pascale

Reviewed by E. C. (age 8)

Sweet Valley Twins: Center of Attention is a book about three kids and their mom being extremely sick. In the beginning, the main character Jessica was only worrying about herself and her mom. She had a part for the play. She forgot about peoples` feelings.

In the middle, Jessica was going to tell everyone at school that her mom is extremely sick. It was interesting how Jessica got others to help her. Later on, Jessica was being bossy and ordered everyone around.

In the end, Jessica found out that her mom was going to be just fine. However, one of her friends thought her mom was still dying! Her friend was nice enough to give her the part in the play. If she told her she would take the part back, she had to decide whether to tell the truth or pretend and lie. Will Jessica ever tell the truth and will she ever be considerate to others? Read this book to find out!

I like the book because it was interesting. I did not like the part when she was lying. I didn't like this part because she was not doing the right thing. Also, I enjoyed the book because it was sad and Jessica was worried that her mom might die. My favorite part was when I found out that Jessica's mom was going to die, this made me feel both curious and excited. The character that was interesting is Jessica because she is intelligent and a nice, loving, and caring girl. The story reminds me of my mom getting sick and getting a virus.

I recommend this book to people who like books without pictures because this book doesn't have any pictures. I also recommend this book to people who like challenging books because it was challenging to read.

E. C. is a student in Ms. L.'s 3rd Grade Class