Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Missing Baseball Cards

Written by James Preller • Illustrated by R. W. Alley John Speirs

Reviewed by Mitchell S. (age 8)

This book is about a boy named Jigsaw Jones and his friend Mila. They solve mysteries for $1.00 each. This mystery is about a boy who brought his favorite baseball cards to school and they were stolen.

I am a little bit like Jigsaw Jones because he likes to hang out with his grandma and so do I. I am also like Eddie because he lied in the book and I lie sometimes too. I learned that it is better to tell the truth then to lie.

My favorite part of the book was when Eddie confessed to stealing his own baseball cards. I liked this part best because it is good to tell the truth.

I would recommend this story because it is a good mystery. I think boys and girls from 6-12 would like this story.

Mitchell S. is a student in Tanja's Book Club