Flying Reptiles

Written by John Kaufmann • Illustrated by John Kaufmann

Reviewed by Ben B. (age 8)

Millions of years ago rlying reptiles called pterosaurs lived. Some of them weren't bigger than sparrows, but some were bigger than planes. Different pterosaurs have different kinds of skulls. There are still things to figure out about pterosaurs. This is a book with true facts in it.

I like this book because it taught me about pterosaurs. I didn't know that they were all different sizes. The illustrations were great because it gave an idea of what the pterosaurs might have looked like. I love dinosaurs, so I really enjoyed this book.

You should read this book if you want to learn about pterosaurs. You will learn things about them and see how they might have looked.

Ben B. is a student in Mrs. Serpico's 2nd Grade Class