The Train Ride Story

Written by Joy Cowley • Illustrated by Val Biro

Reviewed by E.J. (age 6)

There was a girl called Julie that went on a train. Then it stopped and a clown, pirate, gorilla, and a princess got on. They were looking for a story, but they came to the wrong place. Julie said, "There's no story here. Nothing is ever too bad." The princess sang a song on her trombone. Then the ticket taker came and the four characters needed to get off at the next stop. Julie got out her pad and pen and she wrote a story.

I liked this book. I loved the part when the princess sang a song on her trombone. The other part that I liked was when the pirate sang. When the gorilla danced and the clown did a cartwheel on the floor it was funny. The gorilla reminds me when I went to the zoo because it looked the same as the brown gorilla at the zoo. I liked the pictures because they looked kind of real.

I would recommend this book to my friend Chris. I think Chris would like this book because it is so exciting. He would probably like the part when the clown, pirate, gorilla, and princess got on.

E.J. is a student in Mrs. Brayard's Kindergarten through 1st Grade Class