Stuart Little

Written by E.B. White • Illustrated by Garth Williams

Reviewed by AF. (age 8)

Stuart Little is no ordinary mouse. He was born to in New York with his human family. For some reason, Stuart always seems to get into trouble. Stuart leaves home for the first time and realizes his friend, Margalo, has disappeared. Stuart is very upset over the loss of his feathered friend. He sets out in search of his missing friend. My favorite chapter was called In the Drain. I liked this chapter because it told me what made Stuart different from other babies. He was two inches high, had a mouse's nose, a mouse's whiskers, and he was always a little shy. All there friends and family found him a little unusual, but loved him the same as his brother, George.

Someone would like to read this book because it's very interesting and it's very entertaining because in one of the chapters called The School Room, Stuart subs for a teacher and doesn't teach the kids social studies or math but teaches them stuff they like, like spelling. Stuart doesn't teach the kids any educational things that real teachers teach. So if you read that chapter you'll have a good laugh about it.

The character that reminded me of my dog was Margalo because Max runs away a lot and is a nice brother and friend. It's very odd to compare a dog and a bird, but that's what my dog does. So read this book and you'll now that I'm telling the truth.

I would recommend this book because it has a whole bunch of funny educational chapters. You'll love this book. So read Stuart Little!

AF. is a student in Ms. M.'s 1st-5th Grade Class