The Boxcar Children and the Yellow House Mystery

Written by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Reviewed by M.Fr. (age 8)

One day, Jessie, Benny, Henry, and Violet heard about a man who had been lost for over 40 years. They wanted to find him. So they went to a huge campsite to look for him. They had a great time! Sometimes, they had fun canoeing. Other times, they had fun reaching other campsites, until they finally made it to their last stop, Old Village. The Boxcar Children found an old person named the Hermit. One time, Benny got lost in the woods! They looked everywhere for him! Finally, they found him at the Old Hermit's cabin! Benny was talking to the Hermit. Whenever the others tried talking to him, he would not say anything back. So Benny walked with the others out of the woods. They found about $4,000.00 under the steps of their cabin they were staying in. It was for the lost old man named Bill. Would they ever find Bill?

I enjoyed reading this book because it is exciting. It is exciting because 4 children and 2 adults are going on a trip for a long time. I enjoyed reading this book because it is funny. It is funny because one night, the Boxcar Children only ate potatoes! If you like mysteries, read this book! If I enjoyed it, you can too!

My favorite part of the story is when they found $4,000.00! That is my favorite part because they could have bought lots of things, but they gave it to a 70 year old man! Also, because Benny went under a cabin to find it! It is my favorite part because all of that money solved the mystery! What a good part that was!

Benny reminds me of AJ, my little brother, because they always want everything now! Also, because sometimes, they are quiet and then they are noisy! AJ and Benny are also alike because their hair is the same color (brown).Whoa! They really do look alike!

I recommend this book to others because I felt like I was in the story and you might feel the same way. I also recommend this book to others because you will feel like one of the characters and because this book is so fun to read, I never want to stop! If you like mysteries and Boxcar Children books, you should read this book!

M.Fr. is a student in Mr. H.'s 3rd Grade Class