Heckedy Peg

Written by Audrey Wood • Illustrated by Don Wood

Reviewed by Maeve F. (age 5) and HJM (age 7)

The mother leaves her children at home while she goes to market telling them not to let anyone in and not to touch fire. But then someone hobbled up to the window and said, "I'm Heckedy Peg. I?ve lost my leg. Let me in." "We can't," the children said. The witch takes the children to her hut. In the story there was a lot of fooling other people because the witch fooled the children and the mother fooled the witch. The witch turned the children into food. You'll be surprised what happens to the witch in the end.

We recommend this book because it really keeps you thinking. We also recommend this book because something surprising happens in the end. If you like being scared you should read this book.

Maeve F. and HJM are students in Pam's K-1 Class