Written by Susan Shreve
Illustrated by Zachery Baldus

Reviewed by Madeigh W. (age 9)

Alyssa is a girl who is troubled and struggles after a terrible tragedy in her family. Even her parents are troubled. Her mom can't stop crying, and her dad wants to move out. After changing her name to Blister she realizes she's more unique than she thought she ever was. She even thinks she can make the cheerleading squad. Blister is lying to everybody, to get her life perfect. Her dad soon realizes that he was right about moving out. Blister needs a miracle to get her family back together. Do you think Blister will get the miracle she needs or be heart broken forever? Find out in this book!!

Blister reminds me of myself when I'm sassy. Once my sister asked me for my opinion on a shirt and I gave her the wrong opinion, the one I should've kept to myself. Blister changed from a quiet shy little girl to a girl that always has to have her own way. My favorite part was when Blister tried out for the cheerleading squad. She shocked everybody when she did the cheer so great. One of the character's name is Daisy G. I liked Daisy G. the most because like me she loves to dance. When you find this book you'll never stop reading!!

I recommend this book to all girls from fourth grade on up who can relate to the many feelings that Blister has. Some of the time she was just a normal girl going through changes in her life. The other times she was trying to work things out with her family. I hope can get your hands this book!!

Madeigh W. is a student in Mrs. McCue's 4th Grade Class