Bunnicula Strikes Again

Written by James Howe
Illustrated by Alan Daniel

Reviewed by Colton B. (age 9)

This book is mostly about two dogs and one cat that are trying to save a rabbit named Bunnicula. They have a lot of trouble trying to save the rabbit because they don?t know how to get to places and they sometimes have trouble finding Bunnicula.

My favorite part is when Chester eats Mr. P?s present. I like Chester because he is the smart one and sometimes he is not. I think Chester is like me because he does not do a lot of smart thinks. This story reminds me of when I ate something I was not supposed to. I think it will make readers read through the whole story.

I would recommend this book because there is a vampire rabbit and smart cat. They would also like it because the cat and the two dogs run into a lot of friends when trying to save Bunnicula.

Colton B. is a student in Ms. Corda's 4th Grade Class