Robinson Crusoe

Written by Daniel DeFoe
Illustrated by Lynd Ward

Reviewed by David J. (age 11) and Tim K. (age 11)

Born in 1632, Robinson is a boy deprived from sailing at a young age. His father did not approve of sailing. He thought Robinson would get hurt. Robinson was eager to set sail. But he soon finds out about the hardships of sailing, such as storms and food shortages. Now shipwrecked on a desolate island, he finds that he is not alone! This book is full of suspense. You'll soon be hooked as Robinson Crusoe improvises for necessities.

We thought this book was interesting especially when Robinson finds a native and they become friends. The story explains how Robinson survives on an island where he is shipwrecked. Robinson is very resourceful when he needs to be. This story is frightening because the natives try to kill Robinson and you feel like you are there with him. This is a fast paced, suspenseful book. Once one tragedy ends another one begins.

We would definitely recommend this book because it is full of action. If you like this type of book, you would want to read it. We read the original story. We are sure that any reader who can understandd this book would enjoy it.

David J. and Tim K. are students in Mrs. Salewski's 5th and 6th Grade Class