The Three Investigators: The Mystery of the Silver Spider

Written by Robert Arthur

Reviewed by Evan A. (age 7)

The silver spider is a big, valuable piece of silver that is shaped like a spider. The prince of Varania cannot find the silver spider - his enemies have stolen it, and he cannot be crowned without it. The prince asks The Three Investigators to find it. Bob, Pete, and Jupiter Jones work hard with the prince to find clues about where the silver spider is. They have to find the silver spider before the prince's enemies can sell it for fifty gold coins! They have adventures in the prince's limousine, in a castle, and even in a church as they search for the silver spider.

I think this book is great! I think this my favorite that I have read! I like mystery books and this is a mystery book. The end is very good. I like the way the Three Investigators work together and the way they put all the clues together. It reminds me of when our class had to do experiments and find out who borrowed Mr. Bear. My favorite part is when they solved the mystery because I like to see how things work out. Bob reminds me of my friend Taylor because Bob does whatever Jupiter does and Taylor does whatever his friends do (if he wants to). This book is awesome.

I think kids in the second grade and older would like this book because it's pretty challenging to read. First graders might like the story if somebody reads it to them. Kids would like seeing how the characters in the story work together to solve the mystery.

Evan A. is a student in Ms. G.'s 2nd Grade Class